This book will take you on a  dynamic journey of self-discovery as it relentlessly examines, challenges and changes the beliefs you hold about yourself, life and the world which limit you from an effective and fulfilling lifestyle. 
How can you live fully and effectively? How did your present personality develop? How can you locate and change "beliefs" that limit your happiness? All these questions are answered in this remarkable book which will change your life forever. 
"The Art of Effective Living" outlines an amazing new method of self-understanding and change called "Vision Renaissance." Drawing from ancient teachings and the latest discoveries in personality dynamics it provides a powerful and practical tool for personal change.  
If we are afraid of others, unsure of them or even hate
them, it is almost always because we are unsure of our 
own strength. If we are unable to give this to another
we will invariably try to take it from those around us. 
                                             "The Art of Effective Living"
 In this remarkable book you will learn how to: 
- Change inner conflict into growth
- Strengthen your relationships 
- Challenge childhood beliefs  
- Eliminate personal fears 
- Build confidence 
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