A dynamic journey of self-discovery which relentlessly examines, challenges and changes those beliefs about ourselves, life and the world which limit us from an effective and fulfilling lifestyle.

“Effective Living is a dynamic and practical art that can be learned, practised and mastered and brought into our daily modes of behaviour.”
How can you live fully & effectively? How did your present personality develop? How can you locate & change life-limiting “beliefs?”  These questions are answered in Geoff Smith's remarkable book:
"The Art of Effective Living"
 in which he outlines a dynamic new method of self-understanding called “Vision Renaissance.” Drawing from classical teachers & the latest discoveries in personality dynamics “The Art of Effective Living” provides a powerful & highly practical tool for personal growth. In a power packed series of personal exercises, talks & projects, this groundbreaking book will tell you in a clear, practical & down to earth way how to dramatically construct a highly effective framework for living by isolating & changing beliefs that limit you from living a full & effective life. In this remarkable book you will learn about:
  - Understanding & strengthening relationships
         - Understanding childhood perceptions 
          - Changing inner conflict into growth
               - Eliminating personal fears
                    - Building confidence
"Nothing will ever be attempted, if at first all possible objections must be overcome"   Samuel Johnson
Geoff is one of Toronto's most popular speakers and founder of the "Renewal” Seminars.
   These inspiring 4-day journeys of self-discovery use meditation, personal projects, discussion, talks and self-evaluated quizzes to create a highly effective framework for living that illuminates the mystery of growth and provides ways for people to achieve their life's goals.
  Geoff’s book  and his and personal growth seminars have been regularly presented for many Boards of Education, conferences and learning organizations and are tailored to the requirements and needs of each group, thus creating a dynamic and rewarding experience.
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