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"The problem is not that so many of us fail at
living, but that so many never bother to try it"     
Our workshop has no religious or political content and is both non - religious and secular. We are not affiliated with or represent any social, political or religious organization.
The "Renewal" seminars are directed to mature men and women of all backgrounds who seek meaning to their lives and the means to create an effective and fulfilling life-style.
After each seminar many participants choose to continue meeting periodically in an informal manner and many friendships have been started and continued within these groups, which, although fully independent are given assistance in getting started. See: www.renewalnetwork.ca

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Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to look at our "Renewal" seminars which are based on my book “The Art of Effective Living.” They have been presented to all the Toronto Boards of Education, Centennial and  Algonquin Colleges and the Learning Annex.

These seminars   have  changed hundreds of lives  providing as they do an amazing and  practical framework for  growth. Our seminars are a proven combination of:

          - thought provoking personal projects
                - self - evaluated questionaires
                  - guided insight meditation
                        - group discussion
                                  - talks

specially designed to provide a dynamic and inspiring framework for living which illuminates the mystery of growth and provides ways for individuals to achieve their goals.

By using a RATIONAL EMOTIVE model, beliefs (often from childhood) that control and often limit us are isolated and restructured by an interactive method we call “Vision Renaissance” (a new way of seeing).  Seminars are limited to 21, allowing for discussion in small groups of about 7.

"The Art of Effective Living" is reviewed under book review above and on the publisher's website:


although if you wish to buy the book it is suggested that you purchase it directly from us at the wholesale price.  (See book purchase above).

With my very kindest regards,