Syllabus of the "Renewal" seminars.

Section 1. Basics of Self Directed behavior.
An introduction to the basic goals of the program and  the basic principles of self directed behavior.

Section 2. Processes of Self-development and Self-understanding.
Identifying our present perceptions of self, others and life, their development and influence on our life.

Section 3. Contacting life-diminishing perceptions.
A study of various practical methods of contacting beliefs that restrict happiness and personal growth.

Section 4. Revising and changing life-diminishing perceptions.
Practical methods of revising life limiting beliefs. Behavioral change and sub-conscious motivation.

Sections 5 and 6. Self-Image and self-esteem
We begin the practical application of the above theoretical principles to the development of self- esteem and an improved self image.

Section 7. Relationships.
How we can improve, strengthen and rebuild our personal relationships.

Section 8. Effective Living.
A look at our personal attitudes to life itself and the creation of a practical framework for effective living.

Section 9. Our values.
An in-depth  study of our personal values, their meaning and effect and how, if needed, they can be reassessed and changed.

Section 10. Personal balance.
How we can balance our perceptions of self, others and life and merge them into a dynamic framework for effective living.

At the end of the course there is a short and very moving closing ceremony at which goodbyes are made.
A personally inscribed copy of Geoff's book: "The Art of Effective Living" can be obtained directly from us at the publisher's wholesale price of $22.00 (inc HST and mailing charges) by writing to Geoff at:
c/o York Learning Academy Inc
Suite 900, 45 Sheppard Avenue East,
North York, Ontario, Canada. M2N 5W9
Phone: (905) 886-4910
Fax: (905) 709-4610
The contents of "The Art of Effective Living"can be reviewed in full on the Publishers web site:
"Learn  from  yesterday,  live  for  today,  hope  for tomorrow"
  The "Renewal" personal growth seminars have been presented to several hundred people and have been approved by and regularly presented on behalf of :- 
York Region Board of Education
Scarborough Board of Education
  Toronto Board of Education
Centennial College
  Algonquin College (Ottawa)
  The Learning Annex of Toronto.
A FREE introductory seminar is held on the 2nd Friday in each month from 7.00 - 8.00 pm at the Comfort Hotel at Yonge/Charles. Please confirm attendance in advance.
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