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Ontario, Canada, M5N 5W9.
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                 Audited student testimonials

"I really enjoyed this course. The seminar leader is an
excellent and dedicated teacher in this  field. Please   
keep up the good work.”                                                  Dawn Hartley. Toronto, Ontario. Previous student.

“This excellent course showed  clearly and practically
how to construct a framework for effective living.
The group was incredibly friendly, supportive and
helpful and the instructor was very dedicated to his
work. A truly uplifting experience which affected me deeply"       
                         Ron Sullivan. Engineer. Ottawa, Ont.

You CAN change your  personality, this progressive
program will tell you how.”               Burlington Post.

“You are helping us to become the most vital force in
adult education in Toronto.”            Learning Annex.

“Do you envy people who who keep their cool and
who think quickly, rationally and effectively under
pressure? Geoff Smith of Toronto has taught people
to do this for years.”
Bob Kennedy. Toronto Lifestyles - Easy Listening 97.

“This course was truly amazing and the best money I
have ever spent."                                                     
               Liane Davies. Previous student  -  Toronto.

“ Wow! What an incredible experience. This course
on effective living is an amazingly practical
combination of meditation, group dynamics and
inspiring talks. It shows how to construct a framework
in which life’s  problems can be looked at rationally
and overcome practically. I put these techniques to
practical use every single day in my job."
Stephen Carter. Financial analyst. Previous student.
The Venues - Northumberland Lodge.
Monday Lunchtime - Friday Lunchtime
Comfort Hotel.
Seminars on 4 successive Saturdays or Sundays or
Monday - Friday

"The first, last and most important of all human freedoms is the ability to choose one's attitude
in any given circumstance"           Victor Frankl.